About us

Founded in 1957 as a manufacturer of sheet metal components for industry in general, Coni Press was soon to establish itself in the electric appliances industry and specialized in the production of self-balancing hinges for chest freezers, conquering with its three series of hinges CMV, CAB, BM and HCL, an enviable slice of the market both in and outside Europe.

In 1982 the Company board together with one partner set up the Coni Technic, a new company which stood alongside Coni Press, specialized in the design, production and sale of hinges and handles for refrigerators and chest freezers. With the aid of some remarkable Italian designers, Coni Technic came up with a range of contemporary and functional handles, soon making a name for itself on national and international markets alike and offering its customers a comprehensive service, always developing new handles model, supporting the customer in the design phase, both aesthetic and technical and giving its various customers the chance to boast exclusive designs either temporarily or permanently.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Coni Press designed the new CF series hinge for built-in refrigerators, which thanks to its innovative design offers refrigerators a reliable and economical hinge, which solves various problems for built-in refrigerators. With its own technical office, Coni Press offers a complete service, designing new models of hinges, giving its customers the opportunity of exclusive time and / or total.

In 1995, Coni Press felt the need to procure a manufacturing facility that could meet their production needs and requirements for quality of the plastic components used for their products, and that could produce equipment for molding plastic parts, including custom-designed parts under the customer’s specifications. And this is where Coni Plast came in. Over a very short time, Coni Plast established itself a place at the cutting edge of thermoplastic resin molding.

At the beginning of 2000’s, Coni Technic begun to extend its catalog with hinges and locks for commercial and industrial cold-storage rooms doors. Still in the industrial cold storage sector, Coni Press has been collaborating for over 30 years with the German company Hemstedt GmbH, of which it exclusively distributes for Italy heating cables, anti-freeze mats for refrigeration cells and compensating valves.

In 2016 the two companies Coni Technic and Coni Press were merged and re-establish the Coni Press, consequently specialized in design, production and sale of hardware for domestic appliances and electric appliances (freezing industry), and hardware for cold rooms doors.

A very extensive catalog of handles offers a wide choice of various aesthetics of handle for chest freezers, refrigerators and cabinets.