Built in chest fridge hinges

Built in fridge hinges

The CF hinge has been designed by Coni Press for built-in refrigerators and freezers.

Thanks to its innovative design it provides a direct link between refrigerator door and wooden panel, avoiding the out-of-date sliding-door systems and providing the best solution in terms of refrigerator capacity for the kitchen module.

The 99° degree opening angle provides an excellent wide view and a comfortable way in of the refrigerator compartment. The CF hinge has the dual role of opening the refrigerator door and of supporting the wooden panel weight. The CF is the only hinge on the market to have the adjustment and fixing system of the wooden panel, integrated in the hinge itself, thus making any other additional system supporting the wooden panel unnecessary. By using the CF hinge you can enhance your refrigerator with a technologically advanced hinge which allows to reduce the production costs of the refrigerator itself.

The CF hinge can be produced in different configurations in order to adapt to different types of refrigerator appliances.